Real Story

Real Cosmetics is a company for and about real women. With products designed for all women, regardless of their age, skin color or ethnicity. A message and a spirit that represents real beauty in all its diversity.

We are a company that treats cosmetics for what they truly are — an accessory — not a necessity. Attainable. Aspirational. Mind, Beauty and Soul.

Real is never about hype or over–promising. We use natural ingredients and beauty secrets from cultures around the world, environmentally–conscious packaging while offering a full complement of shades and formulations.

Photo: stack of makeup bottles

Our images are of real women, not models. Not celebrities. And not retouched. Our colors and products match every skin tone and every undertone. Real Cosmetics is inclusive, celebrating and connecting women.

We strive to treat our customers as we would ourselves. And our employees, as our partners.

We are creating a Non–Profit Foundation to promote women’s rights through micro–financing, education, grants and campaigns that draw attention to issues that affect women globally.

Real Cosmetics. Real . . . in every sense. Tomorrow’s Beauty Company, Today.