Lubna’s Story
Lubna Khalid

Real Cosmetics was founded as a solution to a host of misconceptions, often delivered to girls, starting an early age.

Born to a Pakistani–American family, Lubna was perhaps even more aware of these false ideals, than most. Gradually, however, she began to recognize that it wasn’t just her. All of her friends felt the same in some way.

Bombarded with unrealistic images in magazines, movies and television they always felt somehow they didn’t measure up.

  • Are you thin enough?
  • Blonde enough?
  • Tan enough?

And the barrage of products and solutions to solve these problems, too often, come with their own set of difficulties:

  • Whitening products for dark skin.
  • Tanning products for white skin.
  • Breast enhancements.
  • Nose jobs.

Even simple cosmetic products, that don’t match one’s own skin tone, or shade, contribute towards making a woman feel bad about who she is.

What about inner beauty and real women? How do we begin to feel happy with who we really are? And when do companies that sell these goods and services take responsibility for the roles they play in society?

Real Cosmetics is the solution. A company for and about real women.

With products designed for all women. Regardless of their age, skin color or ethnicity.

Images that represent real beauty in all its diversity.

Mind, Beauty and Soul.