Giving Back
Photo: Lubna surrounded by orphans

The Real Cosmetics Foundation will be an integral part of our company and of our philosophy.

A percentage of every product sale will fund the Foundation’s business, which is built on the underlying principle that Women’s Rights are Human Rights.

The Real Cosmetics Foundation will empower women globally through:

  • Micro–financing of women entrepreneurs
  • Education and training of women globally
  • Awareness of key women’s rights issues

Our Foundation will utilize advertising, publicity, grants, and public service announcements to raise awareness of how our products, company, principles, employees and Foundation care, for and about women, their issues and their lives.

We will connect women to each other and to causes that effect their lives and well-being.

We will work with local, regional, national and international partners, issuing grants and creating, or supporting activities, that range from domestic violence, equality in the workplace, sex trafficking and family planning, to genital mutilation, micro-financing, HIV/AIDS treatment/prevention, and starting a business.

We will create strategic alliances with women’s groups and organizations and develop true partnerships.

The Real Cosmetics Foundation will be a force for change and an advocate for responsible corporate citizenship.

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