Lubna Khalid
Founder and Spokesperson, Real Cosmetics
Lubna Khalid

Social activist, beauty evangelist, citizen of the world—Lubna Khalid is a modern renaissance woman with high ideals, high energy and high ambitions. She is an inspirational messenger and compassionate humanitarian who has traveled extensively and speaks seven languages.

Lubna has seamlessly journeyed amongst peoples of the world, cultivated her understanding of many cultures and adopted as her personal mission, the universal acceptance of diversity.

Channeling her energies to spread this message, she has helped create a modern and contemporary make–up brand that exemplifies “beauty without boundaries.”

This professional passion grew partially from her personal frustration. Lubna, a Pakistani-American, was unable to find beauty products that matched her skin tone. She realized there was a conspicuous lack of cosmetics designed for women that did not fit into the generally accepted definitions of beauty and skin color. Similarly, she noticed an obvious lack of aspirational images for women like her in the media.

After graduating from U.C. Berkeley, where she majored in business and ethnic studies, Lubna gained traditional experience in the beauty industry at world–class companies such as Estee Lauder, Proctor & Gamble, L’Oreal and J&J. Her own experiences, and those of others she met, confirmed the need for a beauty brand that would break barriers and offer expansive, “real” representations of beauty.

Real Cosmetics—real make–up, for women of all skin tones establishes this dream. More than just a successful, prestige product company, Real Cosmetics is a platform Lubna to promote self–esteem and empowerment to women everywhere. An outspoken advocate for diversity, accomplished documentarian, published author and a dynamic public speaker, Lubna frequently addresses a variety of audiences to share her views on contemporary beauty, culture, breaking barriers and the social context that fosters these ideologies. Lubna embodies the Real Cosmetics brand and will continue to spread its consistent message through her passion—a brand by and for “real” women . . .

Mind, Beauty and Soul.

“My lifetime goal is to revolutionize the way society views beauty.”